HonestNFT Swag Ideas & Feedback

Fellow Vigilantes,
Looking for some feedback & ideas/designs for our HonestNFT swag. Here’s what I was thinking for the first giveaway this week. I’ll post more designs over the next couple of days. I know I know I need a car wash :see_no_evil: … but hey kinda makes it stand out a bit more lol let me know what you guys think and please bring any ideas you have and we’ll see if I can make it work.



Looks good. I would suggest that your logo also be added (size appropriate) to the front breast right above the spelling.

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Hey, here’s some feedback on your awesome SWAG. I think the window decal should have some dirt on it too. That’s honest. Stickers are not immune.

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Looks awesome! Really excited for the swag!

Let me know if there’s any issues with any of the logos or if you want a slight variation on one of them or something.